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What to do with old t-shirts

I was in a sorority in college, so I have tons and tons and tons of t-shirts.  I’ve been saving all of these shirts for five years so that I could make a t-shirt quilt.

But let’s be honest, I’m not making a t-shirt quilt.

(1) I don’t know how to quilt. (2) Even if I learned how to make one, I am so anal retentive that I couldn’t handle any square being cut unevenly and it would drive me nuts. (3) I don’t think I would use a t-shirt quilt. To be honest, I don’t like the way it looks, so wouldn’t really display it and my snuggie is oh so much softer than a jersey quilt (and has sleeves!).

Now I have all these t-shirts under my bed and am determined never to move with them again. So what to do? Here are my options:

  • The t-shirt shopping bag/tote. This is incredibly easy. Would it be worth it to line this with a sturdier fabric so I could use it for heavy groceries? This one has a cute strap/closure. I might do this this weekend, and will keep you updated.
  • A t-shirt headband. I wouldn’t use this for the shirt with the best design, but this would be great for the gym. For those of you that like to look cute at the gym. Also, if you put this around your neck it could be a necklace like this one.
  • T-shirt scarf. With ruffles or without.
  • T-shirt skirt. Super cute when you work in other contrasting fabric.
  • T-shirt pillow.
  • Line the jersey with corduroy or velvet and make a case for your sunglasses. You can close it with elastic, snaps, or sew a buttonhole on one side before you sew it shut.
  • Christmas ornaments! I might send some of these to my sorority friends, or you could keep them for yourself.
  • Use it to make a purse, tote, or makeup bag.
  • Reupholster a seat cushion.
  • A laptop case! With the cutest pockets ever. You could sew in a zipper to close it too. Also, you could cut up a shirt to use as a laptop screen protector.
  • Swimsuit cover up. Would this get too wet?
  • A dress! This sounds awesome, actually. And comfortable. This kid’s dress is cool as heck too.
  • I sort of like the idea that my kid could wear a skirt made out of my old sorority shirts. But just the bid day ones, not the crush party or reggae weekend ones. That would be totally inappropriate for a 5 year old.
  • T-shirt weaving. For pillows or placemats or art. Make a loom with some screws, string, and an old wooden picture frame or the Ikea Tyglosa frame.

Happy crafting! I seriously need to get back to the sewing machine this weekend, so might try a few of these.

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