How We Improved Our PUBG UPDATE PATCH NOTES In One Week(Month, Day)

How We Improved Our PUBG UPDATE PATCH NOTES In One Week(Month, Day)

  • April 16, 2019

Finally, we decided to trade the manner the first aid package works in the game. Instead of restoring you to seventy-five % health without delay after the use timer, the healing will now practice over 2 seconds. This exchange will make it a bit extra tough to at once re-have interaction a target when you’ve applied a heal, so finding the coolest cover is suggested earlier than you take some time to heal. If you’re on the attacking aspect of things, this offers you a touch more time to shut the distance on an improving enemy while they watch for their fitness bar to fill. We are searching ahead to seeing how these modifications the dynamics of firefights and are keen to hear your comments on how this looks like a player.

These balance adjustments positioned more emphasis on Pubg update patch notes middle gameplay elements and are meant to reinforce playability whilst presenting a sparkling gameplay revel in. We count on there to be a variety of varied feedback for this replace and keep in mind that stability modifications inclusive of those can be a sensitive difficulty. As constantly, any and all feedback is welcome and could be the premise of which we determine future instructions for PUBG. Hop in-sport, test out the changes, and let us know your thoughts!

How We Improved Our PUBG UPDATE PATCH NOTES In One Week(Month, Day)


We’ve additionally made a few changes inside the weapons branch. SMGs will now deal extra damage to limbs to enhance their short range effectiveness, while sniper rifles will deal extensively extra harm to the torso, being able to one-shot kill unarmored goals (besides for Win 94). Apart from that, we decided to change across the calibers of sub-gadget weapons; the Vector and UMP. This is to lead them to extra realistically correct damage smart, as well as to improve the usability of the Vector with the aid of giving it a larger magazine potential. While the damage of the Vector has been decreased slightly to 31, it nevertheless remains a very capable weapon, now with an elevated default magazine capability and being capable of the fireplace as much as 33 rounds quickly with a prolonged mag. This alternate additionally manner that very long bursts with the Vector will now be a bit simpler to control. Last, however now not least, we’ve introduced the tactical inventory attachment to the Mutant and the M16A4, making them easier to use as “tapping guns.” The latter additionally had its cringe reduced at the initial shots of burst mode, making it greater deadly in CQC situations.


In terms of attachments, we determined to undertake multiple actions to reduce the loot clutter in the sport. As of this patch, Pistols and SMGs now make use of the equal attachments, notably reducing the general attachments within the loot pool. This change may also be observed through a more wide variety of AR and SR attachments spawning inside the international. Along those identical traces, we merged shotgun and bullet loops into one single object that may be used on each shotgun and sniper rifles.

How We Improved Our PUBG UPDATE PATCH NOTES In One Week(Month, Day)

Finding this form of attachment must now be tons less difficult, especially when you need it in your Kar98k or lever-action rifle. Since this alteration has removed several gadgets from the game, we’ve stuffed in that loot gap through increasing the quantities of overall items spawned. While the quantity increase was calmly disbursed across all other objects, some items which are greater noticeably preferred acquired a more quantity of boom, which includes ARs, heal/raise objects, and equipment. Exceptions to this quantity growth have been level three helmets and flare guns, which could significantly adjust the game revel in spite of a small quantity alternate. The predominant motive of this adjustment is to provide a higher gameplay experience via increasing the portions of major objects while retaining the items that have a large effect on gameplay to the same degree.

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